Unleash the transformative power of stem cells for dogs with osteoarthritis

Canine osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases seen in clinical practice and can be complex to manage. Most traditional medical treatments act systemically and do not modify the underlying pathological processes – local treatment options that slow progression of the disease have been sparse. Surgical intervention isn’t always a viable option and treatment success may be limited, especially for conditions like elbow dysplasia.

It’s time for a new approach – to transform the lives of dogs with osteoarthritis through a convenient and long-lasting stem cell treatment.1,2

Transform dogs’ lives with DogStem®

DogStem is the first and only* licensed stem cell treatment for dogs with mild to severe osteoarthritis in elbow and hip joints. It’s ready to use and long-lasting,1 targeting pain and inflammation at its source with no systemic contraindications.1

A single intra-articular injection is proven to reduce pain and lameness while improving mobility and quality of life.1,2 DogStem is suitable for dogs over one year.

* In the UK and EU

Osteoarthritis today
  • It’s estimated 20-40% of dogs are affected3,4
  • 80% of geriatric dogs affected4
  • Contributes significantly to euthanasia decisions5,6

A new approach to stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy (SCT) for canine osteoarthritis has gained attention in recent years as it offers an exciting new approach to this challenging disease. SCT traditionally has used autologous stem cells which are harvested from the patient through a surgical procedure carried out under general anaesthetic. They have typically been used as an alternative or adjunct to non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) and other medical therapies.

Until now, there have been no licensed stem cell treatments and the complexities associated with current options have limited use in first opinion practice.

For the first time, DogStem offers a licensed ready-to-use formulation of stem cells for dogs with osteoarthritis, formulated to ensure consistency of stem cell quantity and quality.1,2

It’s your time to unleash the power of stem cells with this innovative treatment – and transform the lives of dogs with osteoarthritis.

DogStem benefits at a glance

  • Ready to use intra-articular injection
  • From 3 months to more than 12 months’ efficacy following a single dose1
  • Clinically proven to reduce pain and lameness and improve mobility and quality of life1,2
  • Targeted local action – no systemic contraindications1
  • Easy refrigerated storage
  • Ethical, non-invasive sourcing of stem cells

Dharma is a four-year-old, female neutered German Shepherd, with right elbow osteoarthritis secondary to elbow dysplasia.

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DogStem is licensed for the improvement in function and reduction of pain and lameness associated with mild to severe osteoarthritis in hip and elbow joints. DogStem suspension for injection for dogs contains 6.5×106 – 9×106 equine umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells. Legal category POM-V.

For more information, please view the full SPC or contact TVM-UK Animal Health Ltd, Kirtlington Business Centre, Slade Farm, Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 3JA, UK. Tel: 0800 0385868 | Email: help@tvm-uk.com | www.tvm-uk.com. Use medicines responsibly. www.noah.co.uk/responsible Advice should be sought from the medicine prescriber.